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May 2014

The Ramos Gin Fizz: How do you make yours? Cocktailista pits bartender against bartender in head-to-head competition. Independently organized: No brand influence, no corporate sway,you make the drink any way you want. The only rule is 'honor the spirit of the original cocktail'.

You are free to use any gin, flourish, garnish, glass, special ingredient or preparation method that you wish: Just make the best goddam Gin Fizz in the city!


1st Prize: HK$ 3000 + Champion Title
2nd Prize: HK$ 2000
3rd Prize HK$ 1000

Rules and conditions available here.

To Enter

Submission is by e-mail, deadline midnight Tuesday 13th May 2014.

Competition will be held in Hong Kong 7-10PM Tuesday 27th May 2014 at The Blck Brd, and the shortlist of successful contestants will be posted on our FaceBook page.

Make sure you email us all of the following information. Any missing information will disqualify the entry! Please send:

• Cocktail name, complete recipe & photo,
• Your first & last name,
• Your bar name and address,
• Your mobile number,
• and Your email address to -OR- as a private message via our FaceBook page here.

All information and recipes sent to Cocktailista will be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of choosing and contacting contestants. Good luck!

The Judges

Think you have the best recipe in town? Ten of the best presented recipes will be chosen to compete in front of a panel of media and 5-star industry judges. The Great Ramos Fizz Shakedown will be judged by Sam Jeveons (Old Street Group Consulting), Micheal D Callahan (28 Hongkong Street, Singapore), Sean Fitzpatrick (Editor-in-Chief of Hong Kong Tatler Magazine) and Ali Ahmadi (Worldwide Lounges, Cathay Pacific).

Say What?

Cocktailista Cocktailista is an independently organized resource - by bartenders for bartenders - with biannual competitions held in Hong Kong each May and November. If you run a bar anywhere in the world and would like to host an official Cocktailista sanctioned event please get in touch!
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